Jobs, Debt And Home Prices Since The Crisis, In Five Charts

Jobs, Debt And Home Prices Since The Crisis, In Five Charts

The charts in the linked post are interesting to talk about on whether we should be positive about the economy currently or not.  Home prices have rebounded, which seems great, but the chart makes me think about how we referred to home prices as a bubble when it was bursting 5 years ago.  The chart saying we are back to bubble level pricing does not make me feel warm and cozy, but makes me wonder if depressed interest rates are inflating home prices and setting us up for another fall.

The second chart is unequivocally good in my opinion.  Less debt per household should make the economy more stable.

On to the third chart and the one type of debt load that has grown, student loans.  I am biased toward higher education for obvious reasons, but I have friends who have struggled with student loans, so this could be a bad thing.  There is too much here for me to discuss in a short post.

Their fourth and fifth charts are concerning in some ways and in others may just be indicative of a shift in how our country lives.  A smaller work force that that makes more per worker may make for a more efficient economy.  It also may mean that standards of living on a per household basis my go down.  That sounds bad, but if people are willing to accept it so that one of the parents can stay home or other such reason it could lead to happier people even if our country takes a hit in wealth.



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