Our First Day of Classes

Monday was our first day of classes at the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. The university is a 10 minute walk down the cobble stone streets of the inner city. We leave Hotel Derlon at 8:00 every morning.



Professor David Geenens, the Director of the BC School of Businesses, leads his students to classes. Notice that we walk down the middle of the street, instead of on the sidewalks where the pedestrians technically belong! Cars, trucks, and bikes usually slow down enough to give us time to get out of the way.

Maastricht University was founded in 1976, so the school is located in various buildings throughout the central part of the city. The School of Business and Economics is located in an old Jesuit monastery.



The main entrance to the School of Business and Economics.




EMBA students entering the university for the first day of classes.



Settling in for our first lecture

Benoit Wesly, a well-known entrepreneur from Maastricht, welcomed us to the university. He used to own a lot of property in the Westport area in Kansas City, and received honorary doctorates from Missouri Valley College and the University of Central Missouri. Dr. Morgan and Mr. Wesly met in Kansas City a number of years ago, and their relation eventually lead to the EMBA residency in Maastricht.

Our residency includes lectures from local entrepreneurs and university professors.



One of these local entrepreneurs, René, told us about his new project in the Netherlands. He and some of the other university students joined us for the lectures and added some good perspective to our group conversations.



Jos Nielsen is an entrepenuer in the Agro-Food and Life Sciences field. He gave a presentation on how his company is using the technology in eggs to develop new pharmaceutical products



Dr. Morgan and Grant in class

After a full day of classes, some of our hosts joined us for fellowship and wine and hors d’oeuvres in an old ammunition bunker.Image




At the end of a long day, we head back to Hotel Derlon.



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