Which retail dies?

Which retail dies?

The linked article is some fun food for thought on the ways we are buying things, and what they mean for the future of retail.  Obviously, Amazon and other online retailers have made it hard for brick and mortar book stores to compete with Borders’ bankruptcy being the most glaring example.  Best Buy more recently has been showing a lot of signs of struggle which could be attributed to online retail.

If we accept this premise, that online retail will dominate in the future.  What areas will online dominate?  What things will still be purchased in person?  For instance, I know that my wife will not buy pants online.  She must try on clothes before buying them.  I have no such proclivity.  I would gladly order pants online.  So leaving the easily purchased online items like books, movie, video games, etc. where I know exactly what I am getting because Harry Potter is the same book no matter where I buy it, where is the line for you that makes you uncomfortable putting your money down without seeing/feeling whatever you are buying first?  Grocery stores seem like the easiest one for me.  I will not be buying produce online in the foreseeable future, but outside of that I am having a hard time thinking of things that I would not purchase and have shipped to me rather than heading to the store.  That might only leave convenience type stores like Walgreens, in case of immediate need and controlled substances from the pharmacy.


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