More Thoughts on Ayn Rand’s Philosophy

Continuing from the Incongruent Moral Philosophy of Ayn Rand in a previous post . . .

So, if objectivism, the named moral philosophy of Ayn Rand is irreconcilable with a Christian or Catholic moral philosophy, and objectivisim is very much aligned with the dominant ideology; that the purpose of business is to maximize shareholder wealth; then we can deduct that a Christain or Catholic moral philosophy is irreconcilable with the dominant ideology in business, fair?

Remember, free markets are essential to recognize the dignity and development of human beings.  They also create tremendous common good in the form of jobs, economic and social surplus, etc.  So the challenge is to reconcile free markets and the value created therefrom to a Christian or Catholic moral philosophy.

Pope Benedict XVI called for a new way of understanding the business enterprise and others have called for a new economic model.  We are working on this at Benedictine College.   One of our hypotheses is the path to both business results and the manifestation of human dignity and the pursuit of the common good is through the practice of virtue in business leaders.  Because the resources generated on the heels of value creation can be tempting, the need for a deep and abiding faith is essential.  Otherwise, the dominant ideology and temptation are likely to win.  We see these two things winning today in business.

What do you think?


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