A New Philosophy of Leadership

The linked article appeared in The Economist 12/31/12.  Please read and comment.




2 comments on “A New Philosophy of Leadership

  1. brianhenrybc says:

    Great article. Hubris leading to bad business results has been very prevalent in recent years including a lot of the banking industry issues on back to Enron and others. We should not approach decision making in business as something with certainty.

  2. Dave Geenens says:

    Yes! Unfortunately, the dominant ideology (the purpose of business is to maximize shareholder wealth) is so institutionalized, that breaking the grasp of “certainty” is not going to be easy. I think we should be the college that redirects “certainty” to natural law and God’s Word as it is written and reflected in natural law. Not being “certain” and casting doubt on the dominant ideology is a great starting point, but there must be some belief system independent of any ideology on which business leaders can base their decisions and movements toward excellence in business, while manifesting the dignity of every human being and pursuing the common good.

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