Virtuous Business Leaders are Necessary to Protect our Free Market

“Virtuous business leaders are necessary to insure the healthiness and benefits of a free market economy.”  Do you agree?  This is a position we are exploring.

Absent virtuous business leaders; those concerned with temperance, justice, prudence (sound reason), and fortitude (courage), the government must play the critical role of protecting the common good.  When not acting with virtue, a mast to which all business leaders should be strapped, the temptations that accompany value creation and the resulting wealth in a free market economy can enchant and tempt business leaders to abuse and pervert the blessing of wealth and resources.  If we don’t like government intervention in our free market, then we must grow and practice virtues in the marketplace.

Temperance would act to moderate a business’ leaders attachment to this world’s good.

Justice would act to move business leaders to consider and give to each person his or her due.

Prudence would act to temper action with wisdom in regard to both justice and temperance.

Fortitude would act to encourage business leaders to stand in the face of the dominant ideology and act according to God’s sense of freedom, not the freedom to do whatever one wants.

What most business people don’t understand is that business leadership, executed on the foundation of these virtues, enhances cooperation and, consequently, enhances value creation in the marketplace.  Greater value creation brings more wealth, which demands more virtue.  More virtue improves business leadership, cooperation, and value creation, and the cycle continues.

Our free market in the U.S. is insured when virtuous leaders lead business.  To this, we at the Benedictine College School of Business, commit ourselves.  Do you?


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