It’s Always Darkest Before . . . It Goes Pitch Black

Each of us has a front row seat to the moral death of America.  Especially in business.  We do not have a financial crisis as evidenced by the 2008 real estate crash and resulting recession or the fiscal cliff that awaits America at the end of 2012.  We have an anthropological crisis that has somehow made a lack of fiscal responsibility and the pursuit of personal financial well-being, independent of the means used to get there, a justifiable and even admirable pursuit.

In his book, Business as a Calling, Michael Novak comments that many in business live in a derived light, much like moonlight cast from a distance in the depth of night.  Instead of practicing appropriate reflection and choice based upon virtuous habits, perhaps best illustrated by direct sun light, we reflect little and make choices in the dimness and fog of our current reality and based upon beliefs that are so entrenched that we 1) don’t even consider the source of derived light, and 2) are not comfortable in direct light.  What does the Bible say about living in the darkness and avoiding the light?

The decisions made by business leaders in this fog without reflection and virtuous habits are leading America beyond darkness to pitch black.  We must awaken and ARISE!


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