Why Romney and Ryan Did Not Win

[Reposted from www.leadzoomers.com on October 17, 2012, Why Romney and Ryan Won’t Win]

They have my vote.  So why don’t I think they will win?  I believe, like many do, that their fiscal and social policies are better for America as a whole, the world as a whole, and individual U.S. citizens.  History speaks to this.  Of course, in an election, there is no benign option.  You either get the status quo, or you get something new.

Our U.S. history would validate that free markets, the rule of law that protects and fuels free markets, the right to private property, and the pursuit of happiness yield prosperity for many more than just business executives.  Many of our grandparents and parents have been beneficiaries of this rising tide that lifts all boats.  There is a direct cause and effect, yet this cause and effect is overshadowed by something sinister and much more publicized.

By simply being in or from business, Mitt Romney falls victim to public perceptions of business that mirror the many well-publicized abuses and perversions of companies and executives on the heels of wealth generation.  You can name them.  Acknowledging them in not a confession, but ignoring them does not build trust.  Failure to acknowledge the temptations that wealth brings does not build trust.  Absent trust, Romney and Ryan won’t win.

Why don’t business people freely acknowledge both the blessings and the temptations of wealth generation?  Speaking to this also opens the door to speak to the impact of one’s faith as a tempering and justice agent.  This opens the door to the discussion of the role faith plays in governance.  Absent faith, the government is left to intervene to insure temperance and justice prevail.  Want less government?  Bring more faith into the marketplace.

I’ll vote for Romney and Ryan.  They have the best chance of bringing faith back into the practice of business and the practice of government.


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