Does Just Inequality Exist?

In Pope Pius XI’s encylical letter, Quadragesimo Anno (paragraph 5), he applauds Catholics, both priests and lay people, who refused to believe that God would desire such “enormous an unjust inequality,”  for their charitable work to relieve the unmerited poverty of workers (those who do not participate in the ownership of the business enterprise).

By explicitly naming ‘an unjust inequality,’ Pope Pius infers that a ‘just inequality’ might exist.  Can this be?  How can this be?


One comment on “Does Just Inequality Exist?

  1. J. Christopher Pryor says:


    I am really happy to see that Pope Pius XI is being brought into business discussions. Pope Pius XI was very balanced and while he corrected laissez faire capitalism, he also wrote an encyclical condemning socialism. Both of these extremes destroy justice and charity. Pope Pius XI’s encyclicals are also good discussion tools to put Obamacare into perspective. There are many reasons why it is contrary to Catholic social principles. Archbishop Naumann made this case very well recently.

    As to the question of your post, “can there be a just inequality.” As long as we are not discussing rights due to the dignity of the human person, there is always inequality in creation. St. Thomas Aquinas really explained this well. The beauty in creation comes in part from the variation that exists between creatures. There is beauty in diversity.

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