AAF-KC Career Fair Provides Focus to Seniors

Andrew Warner, McCormick Agency

Senior Marketing majors Kate Hollman and Katlin Clancy discuss account management strategy with Andrew Warner, Account Director of McCormick Company.

Five Benedictine College School of Business senior students attended the American Advertising Federation’s Kansas City chapter’s annual Career Day event on Monday, November 12 at Kansas City’s Union Station.  Students were given real-world insight into agency and corporate marketing department operations, strategies, and experiences.

With tracks for creatives, account management, and general marketing practice, students were advised on portfolio development, account planning, and digital strategies.  A career fair and resume review offered additional value and candid discussions on the nature of marketing careers in the current economy.

As an instructor, it was gratifying to see seniors so engaged with the subject matter to which they have devoted themselves for the past several years.  It was also a considerable relief that each student displayed at least a familiarity, if not a competence, in most topics discussed.  The future of this industry is in good hands.


One comment on “AAF-KC Career Fair Provides Focus to Seniors

  1. Dave Geenens says:

    One step away from real responsibility and real impact! Nice event and great to see our students representing the College so well.

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